English Club MAN 1 Bandar Lampung

What is English Club?

English Club is one of the extracurricular activities at MAN 1 Bandar Lampung. Currently, the club is under the guidance of Miss Afifah. English Club serves as a space where you can learn, share knowledge, and enhance your English language skills in an enjoyable setting.

Why you should join English Club?

Participating in English Club offers numerous benefits, with one of the key advantages being the improvement of your English language proficiency. The club organizes various activities on a weekly basis, including speech & newscasting sessions, Scrabble tournaments, and storytelling.

In English Club, you will be immersed in everyday conversations using English to enhance your speaking skills. This practice ensures that you become accustomed to using the language, eliminating any awkwardness when communicating in English. Join English Club to not only develop your language skills but also to engage in a vibrant community that fosters learning and growth.

Our Mission:

Our English Club is dedicated to fostering a vibrant community of passionate learners, empowering students to excel in English skills, communication, and cultural understanding.

Our Goals:

  1. Excel in English Skills:

 Through engaging activities, we aim to enhance language proficiency, writing abilities, and overall English competency.

  1. Communication Skills:

The club focuses on honing effective communication skills, including public speaking, newscasting, and storytelling.

  1. Cultural Understanding: 

We strive to create an environment that fosters cultural awareness, facilitating a deeper appreciation for diversity through language.

Our Activities:

  1. Speech Training:

Members participate in regular sessions to develop and refine their public speaking abilities, building confidence and eloquence.

  1. Newscasting Workshops:

 Exploring the world of journalism, our club offers workshops on newscasting, providing practical experience and insight into the field.

  1. Storytelling Sessions:

Harnessing the power of narrative, we encourage creativity and expression through storytelling, helping students become compelling communicators.

  1. Scrabble Tournaments:

 Fun and intellectually stimulating, our Scrabble sessions not only enhance vocabulary but also promote friendly competition and strategic thinking.

Community Building:

Beyond academic pursuits, the English Club is a tight-knit community of like-minded individuals. Social events, collaborative projects, and a supportive atmosphere contribute to a sense of belonging and shared passion for English language and culture.

Join us in the journey of linguistic exploration, communication enhancement, and cultural appreciation. Together, we create a thriving English Club that leaves a lasting impact on the academic and personal growth of our members.

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